Washburn Elementary News

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July 2024



Welcome to Washburn Elementary!

Washburn Elementary School 411 W. 8th Street Washburn, Wisconsin 54891

School Hours: 8:10am to 3:05pm

715-373-6199 x202 715-373-0586 (Fax)

Enrollment: (4K-6) 331

Washburn Elementary School, located on a hill overlooking majestic Lake Superior, has a proud tradition of excellence. Not afraid to challenge the traditional view of what a classroom should look like, Washburn elementary teachers blend rigorous academics with free play and outdoor learning opportunities that allow children to explore, play, and learn.


Washburn Elementary uses the latest learning standards combined with many of the highest rated educational tools available to deliver a rigorous and individualized education to every child. Collaboration is at the heart of Washburn Elementary with time for teachers to meet, discuss, and learn together built into their daily schedule. This allows teachers to collaboratively solve problems and assure that each child is finding success.

Green and Healthy

Invited to plant and harvest the White House garden with First Lady Michelle Obama in 2016 and awarded the prestigious US Department of Education's District Sustainability Award for Green and Healthy Schools in 2017, the Washburn School District is a national leader in Green and Healthy education. All Washburn Elementary grade levels have age appropriate green and healthy standards, similar to math or reading standards. These standards are taught in places like our massive 6400 square foot school garden, our 40 acre school forest and learning area, and our "Lost City"- a play space located in the woods behind the elementary school.


Washburn Elementary believes strongly in the importance of play in the development of a child. Every child gets a 30 minute recess each day. Unless the weather is rainy or brutally cold, children will spend this time outdoors on playground and open spaces. In addition to recess, classes receive "brain breaks" and free play opportunities throughout the day. These times are important social learning opportunities for students at Washburn elementary.


At a time when many schools are removing or reducing time in classes like art, music, and gym, Washburn Elementary continues to believe that these classes are a vital part of a child's education and has increased the amount of time in these specials over the past few years. Be sure to ask your child's teacher for their specific schedule to see which specials your child will have each day.

Social Emotional Learning

Similar to math and reading standards, Washburn Elementary has developed Social Emotional Learning standards that are taught at each grade level. These intentional lessons focus on skills like cooperation and problem solving while also addressing important topics like bullying.


Washburn School District has invested heavily in technology at every grade level. All students at Washburn Elementary are assigned a personal iPad or Chromebook to use throughout the year. All classrooms also have interactive whiteboards or other display technology, along with high speed wifi access.