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Washburn Elementary School Counseling
Washburn Elementary School Counseling Beliefs
ALL students can achieve at high levels and be successful in a respectful, supportive environment.

ALL students have a right to be heard and treated with respect.

The elementary school counselor advocates for ALL students.

The elementary school counselor role is to provide a data-driven, developmental school counseling program to meet the needs of ALL students through core school counseling curriculum, small groups, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support.

The Washburn Elementary School counseling program is guided by the the American School Counselor Association's (ASCA) mindsets and behaviors, along with the schools lifelong learning standards, and CASEL's five core competencies.

The Washurn elementary school counselor adheres to ASCA's ethical standards.

Washburn Elementary School Vision Statement
The vision of the Washburn Elementary School counseling program is that ALL students relaize their value as contributing citizens, and their ability to succeed at high levels in this global society. Our students are empathetic human beings that have a positive impact on those around them and their community. They also demonstrate resilience, and use skills needed to succeed in our global society.

Washburn Elementary School Counseling Mission Statement
The Washburn Elementary School counseling program provides data-driven, equitable services to ALL 4K-6th grade students that support student personal/socail, academic, and career development. The school counseling program accomplishes this through core school counseling curriculum, small group counseling, individual intervention/counseling, responsive services, consultation and collaboration, and partnering with parents and families. The school counseling program also helps enable ALL Washburn Elementary School students to enter the global society with the knowledge, skills, habits, and attitudes required to be contributing citizens.
Contact Ms. Brittanie During School Closure
Hello students and families! Many of you are wondering how to get in contact with me while the school building is closed. I can still offer the same support, even if we are not in the school building. You can call the school at (715) 373-6199 x245 to reach my school voicemail. My voicemail messages are being sent to my email, so I can listen to them. I will reach out to you if you leave me a message. Alternatively students can fill out this form here----->
And parents can fill out this form here --------> I will then get in contact with you. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need school counselor support